Lake El Salto Info

According to “One of the reasons why people keep coming back to Mazatlan is that it’s exceptionally safe for tourists.” Tourism thrives in the Mazatlan region and the area hosts a robust agricultural and tilapia fishing trade (plus a thriving bass fishing industry). As Lake El Salto is one of the nation’s largest tilapia fisheries, from September through May of each year tilapia nets are put down twice each month, typically from the 5th-10th and the 15th-25th.When the nets are down, fishing can still be excellent, though some fishing spots are harder to access. While some anglers opt to schedule their trips when the nets are not down, many go regardless and 90% of the time those anglers catch just as many fish and of comparable or larger size. So, this should not make or break your travel plans. 
Lake El Salto has a fishing habitat that’s versatile and holds a lot of big bass. The largemouth that inhabit El Salto forage on tilapia, shad, lizards, jumbo crawfish, bugs and other prey. On El Salto, you have the opportunity to fish a variety of styles – from early morning top water to rocky points, stick-ups, flats, points, creek channels, chunk rock, lay-downs, standing timber and endless shorelines.Lake El Salto was stocked with thousands of Florida largemouth bass more than 15 years ago, but because of the warm water temperatures it was an ideal breeding ground for big and highly-aggressive bass. With 27,000 acres of water, Lake El Salto is home to some of the best bass fishing in Mexico and the world. While catching trophy bass over ten pounds is common, the large numbers of quality four-to-eight-pound bass will amaze you. El Salto Lodge is open year round and encourages visitors in all seasons.

Located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, El Salto sits just 550 feet above sea level — just 90 minutes from Mazatlan, Mexico (which has an international airport, code MZT). Due to the southern latitude, El Salto’s bass spawn at least twice a year. Lake El Salto’s weather normally averages 82 degrees Fahrenheit and it is very close to the seaside resort town of Mazatlan.

The terrain surrounding Lake El Salto is diverse and ecologically rich. Approximately one third of Mexico’s land mammals can be found here. Sightings of various species of animals are common. They can include birds of prey and dozens of rare bird species, black bear, puma, coyotes and whitetail deer. Therefore, in addition to some of the best bass fishing in the world, the area offers unlimited outdoor activities from hiking and sightseeing to bird watching and hunting.