Bass Fishing Report

Air Temp: 77°F early morning, up to 89°F midday  Water Temp: 75° -79° F    Largest bass caught: 11.15 lbs. 
Lake Level Stage: 25%Average number of Bass/boat/day: 40-60, 50% over 3 lbs.
Fishing Tackle Report:
The best results have come on the following lures and soft plastics
Crank Baits: fat free shad: fire tiger color and hologram color, running 17 feet
Spinner Baits
Scrounger Heads with money minnow trailers
Money Minnows (big)
  Jigs and Senko: 5 and 7 in. watermelon/red – watermelon/seed (both Texas & Carolina rig)
Talapia Nets & Safety:
  • • As Lake El Salto is one of the nation’s largest tilapia fisheries, from September through May of each year tilapia nets are put down twice each month, typically from the 5th-10th and the 15th-25th.
  • • When the nets are down, fishing can still be excellent, though some fishing spots are harder to access. While some anglers opt to schedule their trips when the nets are not down, many go regardless and 90% of the time those anglers catch just as many fish and of comparable or larger size. So, this should not make or break your travel plans.